How to change filter of primo water dispenser?

How to change filter of primo water dispenser?

Frustrated with the taste of your water, you may wonder, “How to change filter of primo water dispenser?” especially if you’ve never done it before and the manual seems nowhere to be found.

Firstly, ensure your dispenser is unplugged and empty. Then, locate the filter compartment, usually at the back or bottom. Remove the used filter, insert a new one securely, and finally, flush the system by running water through it before use.

Discover the easy steps to fresh-tasting water in our guide on replacing your Primo water dispenser’s filter. Say goodbye to bad taste with our simple tutorial!

How to change filter of primo water dispenser? (7 Steps Guidance)

If you are facing the same problem, How to change filter of primo water dispenser? read the following.

Step 1: Preparation

Unplug your Primo water dispenser from the power source to ensure safety before you begin the filter change process. Ensure that there is no water left in the dispenser to avoid potential spills when opening the filter compartment.

Step 2: Locate the Filter Compartment

Identify the filter compartment’s location, which can typically be found at the back or the bottom of the dispenser. Make sure you have clear access to the compartment for an effortless filter change.

Step 3: Remove Old Filter

Carefully open the filter compartment and gently remove the old filter. Take care not to damage any internal parts of the dispenser while disposing of the used filter properly.

Step 4: Insert New Filter

Take out the new filter from its packaging and insert it firmly into the compartment. Ensure it sits snugly in place and that there are no gaps through which unfiltered water could pass.

Step 5: Secure the Compartment

Once the new filter is in place, close and secure the filter compartment. Make sure it is locked or screwed tight as necessary to prevent any leakage during operation.

Step 6: Flush the System

Run water through the dispenser for a few minutes to flush the new filter. This helps remove any carbon dust that may be present and prepares the filter for use.

Step 7: Reconnect and Enjoy

Plug the dispenser back into the power source and fill the reservoir with water. Your Primo water dispenser is now ready to provide fresh, great-tasting water once again. Enjoy your newly filtered water!


The comprehensive topics related, How to change filter of primo water dispenser?

1.Maintenance Schedule for Your Water Dispenser

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your Primo water dispenser operates effectively. Establishing a routine schedule to replace filters, clean the drip tray, and sanitise the nozzles can prolong the lifespan of your unit and maintain water quality.

2.Troubleshooting Common Issues of Water Dispensers

Encountering problems with your water dispenser can be inconvenient. Learning to diagnose issues like water leaks, temperature inconsistencies, or strange tastes and odours can save you from future hassles and unnecessary service fees.

3.The Importance of Using the Right Water Filter

Not all filters are created equal. Selecting the appropriate filter for your Primo water dispenser is crucial for removing contaminants. Understand the differences between filter types and how to choose the best one for your water source.

4.Enhancing Water Taste with Filter Replacements

The taste of your water is a direct indicator of filter performance. Regular filter replacement not only ensures the safety of your drinking water but also improves its overall taste and odor, making hydration a more pleasant experience.

5.The Environmental Impact of Water Dispensers

By using a water dispenser, you’re contributing to reducing plastic waste from bottled water. Explore how choosing a dispenser with a filtration system is not only convenient and cost-effective but also eco-friendly.


In conclusion, understanding “How to change filter of primo water dispenser?” can significantly enhance your drinking water’s quality and taste. By following the simple 7-step guide, you’re equipped to perform this essential maintenance task with confidence and ease. Regular filter changes not only ensure the longevity of your dispenser but also support a sustainable lifestyle by reducing reliance on bottled water. Embrace the simplicity of the process and relish in the fresh, clean taste of your beverages.


People also ask, How to change filter of primo water dispenser?

How is Primo water filtered?

Primo water is filtered through a multi-stage process, including sediment filters, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis or UV sterilisation to ensure purity and taste.

How do you use a Primo water filter?

To use a Primo water filter, simply install it into the designated compartment and flush it with water for a few minutes to prepare it for use.

How do you clean a water dispenser filter?

To clean a water dispenser filter, remove it, rinse under running water, and brush off collected debris with a soft brush before reinstalling it into the dispenser.

How do you clean a Primo water filter?

To clean a Primo water filter, soak it in a mixture of white vinegar and water, rinse thoroughly, then dry before placing it back in the dispenser.

How do I change the filter in my water dispenser?

To change your water dispenser filter, open the compartment, replace the old filter with a new one, secure it, flush the system, and then reconnect to enjoy fresh water.

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